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Why work at Heritage?

Heritage is devoted to ensuring that students and teachers alike thrive in their God-given roles and responsibilities.

A cross-section of our faculty – experienced veterans and exuberant young educators alike, both men and women, eagerly answered that question by noting our distinctives.

Heritage Families

At Heritage, the family is primary: Parents are the main source of authority, and the teacher is a team player with them. The school is structured around the needs of children rather than parents, making it easier to teach. Our students tend to come from strong and healthy families; their personal needs are met at home, and they therefore come to school ready to learn. Involved and interested parents raising bright, motivated, and obedient children make for a disciplined and uncluttered atmosphere where teaching can flourish. Younger teachers who have not yet raised families of their own relish the mentoring relationships they form with parents.

Christian Worldview

Heritage is passionately committed to biblical excellence, where a Christian worldview enables the students to sort truth from untruth. They are taught to read and absorb good literature, filtering and dissecting it with this worldview in mind. Faculty members embrace Heritage because of its emphasis on character, moral and spiritual standards, and the freedom to incorporate one’s faith into the classroom. One teacher exclaims, “I could be happy teaching anywhere, but at Heritage I’m always covered in prayer — that’s the difference!”

Teaching Environment

Teachers are natural learners, a bent which is fostered at Heritage, ensuring that teachers are continually challenged and inspired. The unique culture of the school makes for a healthy team atmosphere among the faculty. Colleagues enjoy a professional camaraderie which is all too rare today. Leadership and mentoring, both professionally and personally, by senior faculty and administrators are key components of faculty satisfaction, providing teachers with the tools to do their work well. The standards and expectations which Heritage maintains for its faculty, from quality of teaching to demeanor and dress, convey a respect for teachers as professionals, which in turn encourages a pride in the profession often lacking in other school settings.

Tested Curriculum

At Heritage, a well-rounded, integrated curriculum presented in a sequential fashion is history-bound in the classical tradition. Heritage strives to use quality materials, stressing depth and weight rather than fluff, all designed to nurture the students rather than to entertain. Because the emphasis is on the classical model, the curriculum is consistent, enabling a teacher to be immersed in the content rather than reinventing the form.

The Classroom

Many faculty members were attracted because Heritage offered precisely the environment they were seeking for their own children. The hallmarks of that environment, mentioned again and again, are excellence in academics, where students are stretched but not exasperated, a place of discipline “oozing with grace,” a classroom feel that is industrious but peaceful and not stressful. From a parent’s standpoint, several faculty members noted the capability, quality, and character of the students in defining a setting in which they wanted to raise their own children.

Heritage Preparatory School, founded and perpetuated by visionaries, is a place devoted to ensuring that students and teachers alike thrive in their God-given roles and responsibilities. Teaching professionals who crave the ambience of a school with the singular distinctives to be found in the classical Christian model may well find a professional, spiritual, and personal home within the walls of Heritage.