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Get Involved With Clubs at Heritage!

Our goal with after-school clubs is to provide enriching activities for students that are aligned with our classical Christian pedagogy. It is our hope that these quarterly offerings are helpful for families as we nurture young people to have a genuine love of learning and delight in discovery. We offer a variety of clubs to cater to every student’s interests and passions, from PreK to middle school.

PreK-5th Grade Clubs

PreK – Lower School

Every Monday to Thursday, our PreK-5 students get the chance to dive into exciting clubs that complement their academic journey.

Whether your child is a budding athlete, an aspiring artist, or a future chess champion, there’s a club for them!

Sports Clubs

Aussie Golf, Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Active Club

Creative Clubs

Art, Ballet, Creative Writing

Intellectual Pursuits

Chess, Book Club, Explorers Club

Life Skills

Bible, Manners Club

Upper School Extracurriculars

As our students enter the challenging and exciting world of middle and high school, we offer clubs that allow them to express their ideas, develop their skills, and make their mark.

Speech & Debate

This cultivates students’ public speaking prowess, providing them with opportunities to go head-to-head with other schools on predetermined debate topics or showcase their skills in various speech categories. From crafting original persuasive speeches to delivering captivating dramatic interpretations, this platform enhances their abilities and fosters eloquence.


This program provides passionate acting students with valuable stage experience, as they showcase multiple productions throughout the year encompassing a wide range of genres, from gripping dramas to captivating musicals. Furthermore, students with a keen interest in the technical aspects of theater receive a comprehensive education in essential skills to ensure seamless production execution.


Combining creativity, impactful writing, and visually stunning graphics, this club captures the essence of the school year, leaving students with a cherished memento of their time at HPS.