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High School

Grades 9-12

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Intellectual Growth.
Spiritual Enrichment.

Welcome to the High School Program at Heritage Preparatory School in Atlanta, GA. Are you seeking a classical Christian high school that encompasses not only intellectual growth but spiritual enrichment as well? You have come to the right place. Our curriculum is designed to establish a strong foundation for your child’s education, paving the way for a fulfilling, faith-driven future. Within Heritage’s high school program, we integrate subjects and teach through the lens of a biblical worldview with the end goal of developing graduates who serve the kingdom of God and engage culture faithfully.

We invite you to discover more about what makes Heritage the perfect choice for your family!

Outstanding Faculty

The City as a Classroom



Our faculty is composed of individuals who are not only engaging intellectuals but also persons grounded in Scripture and seeking to walk with the Lord.

To give our students the awareness of the wide range of people and their unique perspectives that we value and prioritize, Heritage views the city as an extension of the classroom, engaging students in experiences with the fine art, music, museums, and universities that make up the culture of Atlanta.

The humanities course combines the disciplines of history, literature, and philosophy into a single cross-curricular and interdisciplinary course sequence, designed to train students to look at both the broad picture and the minutiae of our world.

Students will engage in week-long courses during January that include exposure to career paths, in-depth studies, and exploration of personal pursuits.

Each class takes part in a trip beginning with freshmen traveling to Washington, DC, and ending with seniors participating in a capstone two-week trip to Europe, tying their knowledge from the curriculum to the actual places studied.

High school students are paired with mentors from within our community and HPS alumni to foster growth in their gifts, passions, and goals.

Students have a thirty-minute period at the beginning of the day between carpool drop-off and first class to have a cup of coffee or tea, connect with their classmates and teachers, and get ready for the day.

Our schedule has been built to deliver instruction creatively and effectively, allowing for an engaging, fluid, and connected day. To combat the growing demands of the modern high schooler, the school day will end at 2:30 pm to allow students time for extracurriculars and homework, as well as family and downtime. Friday afternoons will be utilized for house activities and clubs.

Class Trips






The Humanities course seeks to challenge students with a single interdisciplinary study of history, philosophy, and literature. Classes are structured around Socratic seminars, led by students and guided by teachers to question, analyze, and articulate their perspectives on the very best of classical and Christian texts from Western Civilization, as well as the classics of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East during senior year. The course is designed to prepare students to interact with different philosophies in a thoughtful and meaningful way, while still being grounded in the truth of the Gospel.


The math curriculum begins with the study of geometry in 9th grade which creates the foundation for advanced math topics to include Calculus and Statistics. Students develop a solid foundation in mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills as they advance through high school.


The science curriculum adopts a physics-first philosophy. An algebra-based physics course gives a solid foundation for chemistry, which then provides the background for biology. Each course incorporates concepts from previous classes and provides historical and theological context for scientific thought and discoveries. Science instruction includes laboratory experimentation, and how to craft a well-structured written lab report.


Theology is the foundational course that integrates the ideas studied in the Humanities, Arts, and Sciences. 

  • Class 9: Philosophy of Religion, an apologetics course that examines the principle arguments for and against the existence of God
  • Class 10: Systematic Theology
  • Class 11: Patristic and Medieval Theology through their participation in the Junior Seminar
  • Class 12: “Religions of the World,” in the context of the Senior Seminar


Latin in high school focuses on using the language to analyze and enjoy Roman literature in its intended form. Students learn advanced grammatical constructions and study different styles of prose and poetry while reading authentic Latin literature. Senior year, students have a unique class designed to cover a special topic in Latin literature based on an area that interests the students. This capstone course might be based on the collected works of a great author, a particular piece of literature, a historical period or event, a philosophical concept, a religious theme, a notable figure in history, or a literary genre.


Students study choral foundations focusing on deepening the application of proper singing and choral techniques. Repertoire includes a cappella and accompanied works from the Renaissance to the current century. Students participate in concert and chamber choirs. Chamber choir is an auditioned choir.


All students continue their study of art focusing on different mediums. Coursework includes 2D Design and Drawing, Printmaking, Fabric and Graphic Design, Photography, Documentary Film, and Animation. During Junior and Senior years, students may take an advanced independent study class.

Computers & Technology

We equip students to utilize technology appropriately with a focus on preparing them for college. We offer a Robotics class to students beginning in 11th grade.


Weekly Chapel is planned and implemented to inspire students to learn the joy and importance of worship. High School chapel will take place on Friday mornings. Students will participate in a combined school-wide chapel monthly. Worship service will begin with singing, followed by a message from a student, faculty member, or outside speaker. Parents are welcome to attend.

The Chapel experience is a fundamental and distinctive part of a Heritage education. Its purpose is to provide the spiritual overtone that should guide students’ decision-making in their daily lives.


Each class participates in community service projects where they are the hands and feet of Jesus. Service projects are selected by each House during High School Reconnect. In addition, the 10th grade participates in a week-long mission trip. This past year, our students had the opportunity to serve in Nicaragua.

Think With Excellence.

Believe With Confidence.

Live With Character.

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